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I’m actually a guy/guy novel writer, otherwise known as original Yaoi or slash (It’s a hobby-and I am unpublished). I am a woman and over the age of thirty-five. I have been doing this sort of thing for a LONGGG time, better than two decades in fact I have written with a partner before, and together we produced mutable book-length projects in a universe of our own creation. However she has a lot of other things on her plate these days, and I’m having some serious writers-withdrawal. So I am looking for another project at the moment.

I’m thinking about doing series of short stories or perhaps even a full length novel and I am looking for a kick-ass editor/beta. I want someone who wouldn’t mind following me along on a WIP. Giving me a little motivation on occasion. Telling me what they think of a particular add or their impression of it. I want someone capable asking me questions, examining plot and motivations. Someone who isn’t afraid to inquire about *anything* or make suggestions.

This could be a long term project, and it could move quite slowly or at lighting speed. It’s always hard to tell with me. I may well send small adds, or whole chapters. It just depends when I decide to look for impute. And no I don’t expect the Beta portion to be done until the chapter is actually completed. But I will most likely seek impute along the way…

I use Microsoft word 2007, and this is how I’d LIKE to trade my Doc’s back and forth.
I use spell check. My greatest weakness is probably run on sentences and the use of similar looking words to replace the one I INTENED to use. Auto-correct also trips me up once in a while. I hate it when it puts its own correction in and fails to tell me.

I tend to write modern fantasy, immortals, vampires, angels, demons, gods…heavy on the magic. I do flashback scenes sometimes, so historical bits that I use to lay foundation for my characters.

I also don’t really like writing present day earth, and tend to go alternate universe. I like rewriting history where it pleases me. In short keeping elements I like while throwing out the ones I don’t. I adore world and culture building in addition to characters. I love epic characters, threesomes, epic threesomes, hurt/comfort and dark beauty; I love dark themes that are done tastefully with reasons and plot leading the way.

So BE WARNED, I do write force/rape /noncon but I am not centered on these things normally. I have used it as a story element more than once, but not in a truly ugly way. So violent rape *will not* be the crutch of my story, if I write it it will simply an element.

Slavery is something that tends to be in the background of my stories, and I probably enjoy the hurt/comfort element a little too much at times. I do tend to focus on the comfort. I also have an elements of incest in some of my works. Step-brothers and the like---also the pairing of siblings in royal marriages (Like in ancient Egypt) is sometimes an element. (NEVER, parent/child---NEVER!) And if it is mentioned it is something that is considered a horrible thing.

I never write a sexualized character under the age of eighteen, unless it’s considered abuse and then it’s only hinted at or it comes up in conversation as part of the background story for a character. I don’t usually write it out. Once, but it was for explanation purposes---and it wasn’t graphic. Or at least I didn’t think it was. If this could be a problem for you *PLEASE* bring it up. All of my main pairings are ADULTS! Since I might write immortals they might look like teenagers in *some cases* (Typically 17 or older), but they tend to be wayyyy older in actual years. Mostly I write guys who appear to be 19-30

I’m really an easy-going person, and not easily offended but I will be straight up with you about my own opinions on fiction, or anything else that might come up in conversation.

A few more things I’m interested in as a writer; Life complications due to the surrounding society. Enemies on the battlefield/Friends off of it. Modern Day swords and Sorcery. Bigger guy with a smaller guy. I like a physical size difference (build). And I like my *main* evil-dudes to be refined rather than crude. Someone who can still be a gentlemen while they interrogate you with the sharp end of a blade. Supporting characters may vary though. I write a wide range of character personalities. And I LOVE Many MANY shades of grey! I’m also very much into immortal characters. Appearance is usually 19-30. I love beautiful men, I can’t help it.

I may even do an artwork or a video, share a model pic or a song that inspires me on a story-line. No promises, but it could happen. It could even happen a lot. I get very immersed sometimes…

I love angst, but not those long-term brooders. I write some blade-play (Mild) Bondage, also (Mild) and far from traditional BDSM

*I do not*!!!! write traditional BDSM, water sports or scat. And I don’t do crude unless I am using it to make a point fictionally.


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