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Fanfiction in Kindle Worlds LINK I thought this was intresting so I'm reposting it. cuddyclothes posted it here on All Supernatural

Into The Darkness: Benedict Cumberbatch

Okay so I have a thing for Benedict Cumberbatch as a bad guy. If you haven’t watched BBC’s Sherlock, you should! I love Star trek anyhow, new and old, but add in this guy into the mix and I was suddenly head over heels IN LOVE with the storyline! I adore my bad guys, and this one *BEG* NO spoilers, I refuse! But he’s like Riddick for me---just completely delicious as a bad guy. I do love that serial killer vibe.

I wonder if will there be slash for Benedict’s character? I hope so *sigh*

Unproductive week, writing-wise :(

Okay, so I’m having a very unproductive week. I seem stuck on things like Youtube and Tumblr (I have an addiction as I mentioned before *sigh*) Plus my Library started doing books on lone digitally. I totally love them for that! I have been reading tons of stuff off there these last few weeks. I even read 50 Shades of Grey…I don’t know why I did it. I guess because of all the chit-chat surrounding the book. Plus I can’t walk into the book store and NOT see a copy. Heck, it was even on the grocery store mini rack…

I kind of expected it to be pure gold for all the hype. It wasn’t.

It was fan fiction to begin with…that’s what sparked my interest in the first place. It was okay…but I have to say, frowning at the fact that I could TELL it was fan fiction to begin with….! But anyway, the gal made some money, people are obviously buying it, so good for her.

My real point here is that I’m not writing myself. I worked on an artwork, read a bunch of stuff...I even squeezed in some real work. Kinda had too , since that’s where the real $$$ are made. I just feel like I need to be writing…on ANYTHING! And I’m not.

So hopefully next week will be better. I will try and make it better!

I have embraced this fact about myself. I do not want to be cured even though I do waste a sufficient amount of my free time on these two sites. I adore beautiful men, beautiful images, and videos displaying the same kinds of things. Music is also a passion of mine. So I thought I’d share a few links today.

Be WARNED, you should be 18 to view ANY of these sites. They do (in many cases) display both male and female nudes…they are not PORN sites. Mostly they are artistic erotica, or just pics of long haired men.

My Tumbler: http://riley27jade.tumblr.com/archive

A blog dedicated to androgynous models: http://katalepsja.tumblr.com/

Androgyny: http://epicenity.tumblr.com/

MALE NUDES! A fine collection of male model pics: http://monstyuk.tumblr.com/archive

STUNNING IMAGERY: FEMALE NUDES/Beauty/LIGHT bondage: http://unravelledtales.tumblr.com/archive

Short-haired pretty boys here: http://superpretty.tumblr.com/archive

Rockers/Models ect: http://laidswesen.tumblr.com/archive

Silent Angel: http://dancing-in-angelsblood.tumblr.com/archive

Stav Strashko: http://stav-strashko-collection.tumblr.com/

Male Models: http://ebodamen.tumblr.com/archive

Long Hair World: http://longhairworld.tumblr.com/archive

Stunners: http://vkacademy.tumblr.com/archive

SPOILERS: Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is another one of my obsessions. I’m a culture nut, and the layered storylines and various characters really appeal to me. That scene with Ros and the arrows that was absolutely chilling. My brain doesn’t stop at JUST the image; I tend to imagine how it came to be. What it would have looked like while it was happening. I think most people are that way.

Now personally I think setting the tone like that, with the image and not showing us the actual deed is BRILLIANT, because what the mind can conjure up on its own is wayyyy more potent than anything I could put into words myself.

I am rooting for a very painful end for Joffrey. I’d actually rather see him strung up and tortured, or enslaved or something horrible. I really hate that kid! Lol I guess that makes him a hellva villain in the grand scheme of things. He’s probably one of the rare few that I don’t want to see explained. I just want to hate him and enjoy his future torment like a sadist would. If anyone deserves it at this point, it’s Joffrey. Petyr Baelish is right behind him…! One thing I can say about these guys, this writer (or producer combo) they know how to create an evil character you can really loath. If they ever turn the tables on me, make me and make me understand either of these two---I’d say they had a work of genius on their part. I’m always impressed when someone can make me see a REALLY evil fellows POV, not necessary, mind you! But it does impress me.

Jamie Lannister intrigues me, that arrogance/attitude and this seemingly new chivalry thing he has for Brienne...a bad guy everyone seems to hate because he did something Nobel. Something that needed doing. I love that culture twist, the fact that your oath means more than the situation at hand. I’ve been using that in my own world for YEARS!

Daenerys, I just adore. I have from the start and it’s been great to see her grow and become strong. I loved that move with the Slave army.

Olenna Tyrell I have to say I like that old woman  a lot(so far) and not just for that sword swallower through and through comment she made to Tywin Lannister...she just seems old enough and bold enough to put it ALL out there.

John Snow, got to say I am drawn in by that boys whole story, And I spend A LOT of time wondering who his real mother is ;)

Arya Stark is another character I truly enjoy. Can’t wait to see how that storyline goes down. I expect she will grow up to be one deadly woman.